Employee Goals & Objectives

If you wanted to measure your employee's career progress and achievement of important landmarks during their time with you, you can set them specific Goals and Objectives in HR Partner, and monitor how they are progressing with them.

You can set up specific Company Goals that you can allocate to multiple employees, or else you can also set up specific goals for individual employees if needed.  Employees can also set up their own goals if they wish to track anything outside of any goals you set them.

When we talk about 'Goals', we mean a wide range of tracking methods, including:

  • Numbers - You can record a specific numeric goal that can be updated, e.g. The number of invoices an employee processes per month, or the number of customer cold calls they made in the quarter.
  • Currency - You can track a dollar value of a particular goal, e.g. total sales achievement up to a certain date, or total donations made to a cause.
  • Counter - You can set up the goal to be a step counter, which is useful for tracking things like number of times the employee comes in early, or number of reports they have submitted that week etc.
  • Percentage - You can track a percentage progress against any task, such as completing a training course or other long term outcome.
  • Objective - You can set up a task or objective as done/not done, such as attending a special meeting or achieving a particular award.

You can set up multiple goals with many different tracking methods.  You can also set up default due dates for goals (e.g. end of the month, end of the quarter, on a specific day of the year etc.), plus you can set up exactly WHO can update the goal progress (e.g. just the employee, or employee and manager, or just the manager etc.)

You can also group goals together in Goal Templates, which makes it easier to deploy a package of goals to a group of employees.  More information on how to do this is contained in other articles on this knowledgebase.

Enabling Goals In Your Company

By default, the Goal tracking module is turned ON for all HR Partner customers, but if for any reason you wish to disable the module, you can turn it off globally by going to Setup -> Company Info and disabling it there.

You can also turn the module on or off for specific employees if you only wanted certain employees to use Goal Tracking, but others to not see it.  You can do this by editing the employee record and going to the 'ESS Portal' tab and setting it up under the ' Portal Permissions' area:

You can also use our Housekeeping routines to turn these permissions on or off for your employees in bulk.