Assigning Goals to Employees

There are two ways to assign goals to your employees - You can either do it on a per employee basis, but also to save time, you can bulk assign goals to multiple employees at once.

Assigning Goals To A Single Employee

To assign goals to an individual employee, click on their name from your employee list to open their Employee View screen, then from there, click on ' Goals & Objectives' on the modules menu to view a list of their existing goals.

From here, you can click the ' Add Goal' button on the right hand side to add a new goal.  You have three options when adding a goal for an employee.

Add Pre-Defined Goal

This lets you choose an existing company goal to assign to this employee.

Note that you can manually change the Due Date and Target for this company goal at the point of assigning it to the employee.  You can also change the long description of this goal just for this specific employee if you wanted to.

Add Goals From Template

You can also add multiple goals from a template for this employee.

When you choose a goal template from the list, the system will show you a list of individual goals that are within this template.

Please note that you cannot set the due date or targets while assigning multiple goals like you can while assigning individual goals above, but you can certainly set these when updating the goals later (if you have permissions to do so).

Create A New Goal

You can also create a brand new, employee specific goal.

This lets you set up a one off goal just for this employee, and set their permissions, targets and due date accordingly.

Bulk Assigning Goals To Employees

To assign goals to multiple employees at once, then you can go to Goals -> Assigned from the left hand menu.  This will show you the Goals Dashboard with some aggregate statistics for all your company goals that you can filter through and explore, but you can also assign goals from this screen using the 'Assign Goal(s) To Employee(s)' button on the top right.

This will open a pop up window asking for the names of the employees you wish to assign to.

Simply select who you wish to assign the goal to, then you can choose whether you wish to assign just one company goal to them, or a set of goals from a template.

Please note that when assigning goals from a template, you cannot set the due date and target values as the system will use the defaults as set up on the goal item definition.  You can change this later, but any changes have to be done on a per employee basis after assigning.

Important: You cannot create/assign employee specific goals in this area, as the bulk assignments are really only for company goals.  Employee goals have to be assigned from the employee view screen as described above.

Also please note that employees will NOT get an email notification when you assign goals to them.  Instead, they will simply see the goals appear on their ESS portal dashboard next time they log in.