Creating Projects

Projects are the jobs or major project work that you will be tracking your employee time, and expenses against.  A project can be a customer of yours, or even various jobs that you will be working on for that customer.

To add a new project, go to Projects > All Projects on the left hand menu, then click the green 'Add A Project' button.

This will bring up a simple entry window where you can enter in the description of the project.

A description of the fields on this screen are:

Description This is a mandatory field, and describes the nature of the project.  
Cost Code This is an optional field, but if you wish to have a cost code within HR Partner that matches your accounting or billing system, then you can enter that cost code in here so that you can easily cross reference your reports later.
Summary This is also an optional field which is purely for your own internal summary of the job to help you identify it later.
Commenced On This can be used to record the date the project started.  You can even set a date in the future for upcoming projects, or leave it blank if this is a perpetual project.
Completed At This can record the date the project completed, or can be left blank until the project is actually finished.
Project is Active This denotes whether the current project is active (i.e. will appear on the drop down selections when entering time or expenses.

The Commence and Completed dates will actually control whether the project is shown on the drop down list to your employees and admins when entering in timesheets and expenses.  If the Commence Date is after todays date, or the Completion Date is before todays date, then the project will be deemed 'not active' and not shown on the drop downs.

TIP: Keep the project description short, and put the relevant details early in the description to help your staff identify what the project is, because on some of the entry screens under Timesheets and Expense Claims, the drop down selector is quite narrow and the end of the description may be cut off.