Approving a Leave Request (for Employees)

If your company has Enhanced Leave Approvals activated, then you may have been set up as a leave approver for some of your colleagues - especially people that report to you.

Should any of your team members submit a leave request that need your approval as part of the leave approval rules, then you will receive an email message from our system advising you that a leave request has been submitted that needs your action.

Also, when you log on to your Employee Portal, you will see an extra section on the dashboard showing you all leave requests that need your action.

If you expand the Time Off & Leave menu on the left, you will also see a list of leave requests that need your action, PLUS any older leave requests that you have already approved or rejected.

To action any of these requests, you can simply navigate to Time Off & Leave > Approve or else just click the 'Update' button next to the request from the dashboard.

This will take you to a screen where you can see all the details of the leave request that has been submitted to you.

Some details about this screen:

You can change the leave type for the employee. For instance, if they are trying to take a certain type of leave and you check (4) below and notice that they do not have enough Balance, then you can change it to another type of leave.
You can change the date span that you will allow the leave for. Once again, similar to (1) above, you may check their balance in table (4) and notice they haven't enough time, or you may need them back in the office earlier for a special project.
You can add some notes for the employee stating why you are approving or rejecting their leave request. Be aware that the employee and any other approvers will see these Notes.
This table shows you the employee's current leave balance, so you can see if they have enough time available in their Balance to be able to take leave or not.
This calendar shows you the leave request (in yellow) overlaid on other leave that will be taken by other employees during the same time, so you can see if approving this will result in too many people being away for that period.
You can also see who else was sent this leave request for approval, and how they actioned it. You can also see when the request was submitted.
These buttons will instantly Approve or Reject the leave request. Please ensure that you have filled out an explanation in (3) above, especially if you have changed any details, or rejected the leave application.

NOTE: Once you Approve or Reject a leave application, you will not be able to change your decision later, as the request may have been forward to other people to action. For this reason, please decide carefully, and take into consideration all your appropriate company policies when making your decision.