Deleting Employees

On rare occasions, you may wish to delete an employee from your company altogether.  This may be because you accidentally duplicated an employee, or entered a test employee during your trial period that you need to remove.

Generally, we don't recommend deleting an employee, as this will remove ALL of their associated file attachments and records permanently, and this cannot be undone.  Also, in a lot of countries, local legislation required you to keep employee records on file for a certain number of year for legal purposes.

We highly recommend that you Terminate any employees that leave your service, instead of deleting them.

Note: For this reason, we don't count Terminated employees towards your employee limit in your company.  You could be on the 25 employee plan and have 22 active employees, and 45 terminated employees and still be fine.

Steps for Deleting An Employee

We deliberately made the process of deleting employees a multi-step one.  This is because we do not encourage operators to delete employees quickly without thinking.  Please note also that there is NO option to mass delete employees in HR Partner.

Find the employee you wish to delete from the list of employees, and click on their name to view their record.
Click on the ' Edit Employee' button to edit their details.

Click on the ' Delete' tab along the top, then click on the ' Delete Employee' button.

Enter in the random deletion code on the popup screen in the field asking you to, then click the ' Delete' button to permanently remove the employee record.

Warning: Deletion is permanent and non-reversible. Please be absolutely sure that you wish to delete an employee before carrying out these steps.