Filling In Forms

Filling in forms is a simple matter of clicking the ' Fill' or 'View' button when you are looking at the list of Assigned Forms.

This will open up a new browser window with the form filler layout ready to go.  From here it is a simple matter to just <tab> through the fields and fill them in.

Once you have finished filling in all information, you can click the 'Submit Form' button at the bottom to send it through, which will then show you a confirmation screen.  

When you see the confirmation screen, then you can just close down the browser tab to get back to the main HR Partner system again.

Form Actions

There are other actions that you can carry out in the form filler screen by clicking the, well, ' Other Actions' button:

Deleting A Form

One of these actions is to delete the entire form, which will remove it (and all stored data) from the system permanently.  This is a non-reversible action, so please use this with caution.  Please also note that employees who are assigned this form can choose to delete it themselves if they desire.

Hiding A Form

In certain cases, you may wish to hide the form from immediate display to other Admin users.  This may be because the form contains sensitive banking information that the employee has filled out, so once you have capture it, you may not want it to be readily displayed so that other admins can open the form and look at the information.

So you can elect to ' Hide' the form by choosing this option.  Once hidden, the form will only show if you change the Filter setting on the Assigned Forms list page to show hidden forms as well, OR, if you go to the employee view screen and look at all their forms on there.

To un-hide a hidden form, you simply follow the exact same steps to toggle it off again.

Submitted Forms

Once a form has been filled in and submitted, it will revert to a 'read only' form from that point onwards.  This means that you can look at the form, but not modify anything on it.

However you can always click on the ' Other Actions' button and choose to 'Re-Activate Form', which will make it editable again so you can change or update information within if needed.

From this screen, you can also see the files that have been attached to the form (and you can also delete attachments from here).

Note: File attachments in forms will also show up against the employee File Attachments area so you can obtain them in multiple ways.

When viewing a form at any time, Admin users can also click on the " Info" button on the top right corner to open up a popup window which gives you more details about this form (i.e. which employee it belongs to, when it was assigned and submitted etc.).