Downloading Custom Form Data

Once your employees have filled in forms on your system, you may wish to download the information they entered.  For example, if you send our an employee satisfaction survey to your team, it would be nice to get a list of all their responses in a spreadsheet so you can compare answers, or sort the list based on their response ratings etc.  

We have given you a way to extract form data from HR Partner by going to Forms -> Download:

You can choose the forms to download based on the template they were created from, and you can also download only form data that was submitted during a certain date range (i.e. you may want to do monthly downloads of asset requests etc.).  You will also have a choice of downloading data for forms that have been marked 'hidden' if you want to, and you can also choose the format that you wish the download to be in (Comma Separated Values (CSV), or JSON format).

Bear in mind that when you download the form information, the column headings in the CSV will be the field names from the form template.  The default field names are randomly assigned, like 'text-9034837567' or 'date-434374673', so you might want to ensure that you give each field a meaningful name when you create the form template in the first place, to make it easier for you later when you export data.