Sending Custom Forms to Employees

You can easily send a custom form to one or more employees to be filled in by going to Forms -> Assigned.

In here you can see any forms that you have already assigned to your team (and view their submissions), and you can click the green button on the top right to assign new forms to other team members.

When you assign a form to an employee(s), you will get the following screen:

This screen will let you first choose the actual form template that you want to send to your employees, then you can specify the list of employees that you want to send the form to (you can specify more than one), and then you can send them a message as well, to explain why you are sending them this form.  You can either hand type in the subject and message, or else you can choose from a standard email template message if you have set one up already.

Note in the example above, we have used special field identifiers which let us fill in the employee's name and other details in the subject and message body automatically!

The employee will be sent an email with the above subject and message body, as well as a link which they can click on to fill out their form.  The message body above will also appear at the very top of the form they are filling out, so be sure you explain clearly why you want them to fill in this particular form.

Once everything is filled in, just click the 'Assign' button and they will be sent the forms immediately!  These employees should then appear on the Assigned list with 'New' next to the forms as they have not yet begun filling them in.

Sending a Form via Email

There is another way to send forms to your employees, and that is via an email.  Each form you create in HR Partner has a unique 'shortcode' link that you can use to invite your employees to begin filling them in.  One of the most common use cases is to have this link within an email template in HR Partner, so you can give your employees an easy link to begin filling in a form.

How do you find your shortcode link?  Well, this can easily be found when you go to Form -> Configure -> Templates, to look at all the form templates that you have within your company.  Next to each template name, there is a shortcode, plus a special link button to let you copy that shortcode into your clipboard for use elsewhere:

Your shortcode will look something like:

We will automatically add the template field {{employee.code}} at the end of this shortcode link so you can use it in an email template within HR Partner and the system will automatically add the employee code to the link depending on which employee you send the form to, i.e.:{{employee.code}}

If you will be pasting this shortcode into an HR Partner email template, then you can leave it as is.  If you will be pasting this into another email program like Outlook, then delete the {{employee.code}} bit and manually replace it with the employee code that you are sending the link to.

Important: You have to specify the employee code at the end of the shortcode URL.  If you don't you will get a 404 error as the system will not be able to link this form to a particular employee!

If you will be using this link to send out from any other application, then please ensure that you add the relevant employee code to the end of the URL for it to work properly and know which employee it belongs to.