Using Candidate Scorecard Templates

Keeping candidate scorecards is a great way to evaluate candidates to see how well they fit the qualities you're looking for. It also helps keep your team aligned and consistent when interviewing candidates.

For each job your company creates, you can choose a candidate scorecard to associate with the role. This means that you can create a new scorecard for each role, or re-use/select an existing scorecard to use for multiple positions.

Creating new candidate scorecard templates

To create a new scorecard template, the first step is to create a list of the traits you'd like included in the scorecard. To do this, click Recruitment —> Configure —> Lists.

Next, find the section that says Scorecard Items and click the green Add Scorecard Item button. You can add as many qualities as you'd like.

Now it is time to set up your template. Go to Recruitment —> Configure —>Templates and find the section that says "Scorecard Templates" and click Add New Scorecard Template.

Naming your template

Just in case you'd like to re-use a template in the future, we recommend naming your template after the position type you're hiring for (as shown below) to make it easier to find.

That's it! Now whenever you create a new job, you'll be prompted to select a scorecard template on the same screen: