In HR Partner, there are a few different ways to get candidates to appear in the system.

A) After publishing a job, candidates can apply online and submit their applications. These applications will be available for you and your chosen team members to review under each job OR on the applicants page.

B) If a candidate does not apply for your position online but you still want to add their information to the system, you can add candidates by clicking Recruitment —> Applicants —> Add Applicant.

Applicant Quick Add Screen

Linking Past Candidates With New Positions

In HR Partner, you can find past job candidates and associate them with new positions. This gives you a full overview of any positions they've applied for in the past and will help you avoid double entry.

To get started, navigate to Recruitment > Applicants.

Select the applicant's name. 

Find the button on the right named Applicant Actions and select Add Job Application.

You will then be prompted to associate them with a new job.

After that, you will see the new job they've applied for along with any past positions they've submit applications for.