Benefit Tracking

Did you know that you can log and track any and all Benefits that your employees have? Logging Benefits is an awesome way to keep track of your employees current benefits plans and get rid of any paper logs or spreadsheets!

A quick reminder that you cannot actually enroll for Benefits in the system, it is only meant to be able to track and manage benefit plans, start dates and any other notes. That said, you can create ANY type of Benefit Plan, so feel free to customize your Plan Types for your specific needs!

Creating a New Benefit Plan Type

Let's start by creating a new Benefit Plan Type.

Go to Setup > Configure > Lists and then scroll down until you see the box for Benefit Types.

You can add a new Benefit Type by clicking on the green Add Benefit Type button or edit an existing Type by clicking on the aqua Edit circle.

Remember, these Types can be anything! So feel free to customize based on your organization's needs. 

Adding a New Benefit Entry

Once you have created all of the Benefit Types that you will need for your organization, you can begin tracking and logging benefit entries along with their corresponding dates of enrollment. This is an easy way to keep track of benefits for all employees without the need for spreadsheets.

Start by going to the Employee's profile and selecting the Benefits/Plans and click on the green Add Benefit/Plans button towards the right hand side. A new window will appear and you'll be able to add in relevant pieces of information that you won't want to forget.

The fields Benefit Type and Provider can be edited based on your organization's needs, which is very helpful if you change Providers and need to include new Provider information to document for the new plan year.

Other fields in this screen are optional and can be used at your discretion, feel free to create a process of entering in data that makes the most sense for your organization!

After all of your information has been entered properly, click the green Save button and your entry will be saved as a line item for easy viewing.

As with our other modules, you can edit or delete any entries that have been created by clicking on the green and red buttons towards the right of each entry.


If you want to set a reminder when a benefit type expires for a particular employee, you can find the "Set a Reminder" option at the bottom of the same screen where you add/edit the benefit type within the employee's profile.