Benefit Tracking

Keep track of your company's existing employee benefits quickly and easily, without the need for spreadsheets.

Note: HR Partner does not include benefit enrollment. This tutorial assumes that your employees have already been enrolled.

1. First, set up Benefit Types and Benefit Statuses by clicking Company—>Data Files—>Lists.

2. Add Benefit Types (IE: Health, Dental)

3. Add Benefit Statuses (IE: Active, inactive, pending)

4. To record an employee's benefit type, click Employees—All Employees on the left menu.

5. Select your employee's name.

6. Under the Modules list, click Benefits/Plans.

7. Select Add Benefits/Plans

8. Fill out the details and then click save. You're done!


If you want to set a reminder when a benefit type expires for a particular employee, you can find the "Set a Reminder" option at the bottom of the same screen where you add/edit the benefit type within the employee's profile.