Payroll Integrations

Integrating With Payroll

HR Partner integrates with various popular payroll systems. Read on for instructions on how to connect with your current payroll system:

1. To get started, click the  "Setup" tab on the left.

2. Click the "Configure" link underneath.

3. Click the tab that says "Integrations".

4. Look for the section that says  "Payroll Integrations."

5. Select your current payroll system.

6. Hit "Save".

Current Integrations

We currently integrate with Xero (Australia, New Zealand and UK), as well as KeyPay (Australia and UK) with more integrations being worked on constantly.

Important Notes

Here are some important notes to keep in consideration when integrating HR Partner with any payroll system:

  • We currently treat the payroll system as the 'point of truth' for all employee information, so we pull the employee data from your payroll system and create them in HR Partner
  • This means that all employees need to be created in your payroll system first, then imported into HR Partner.  If you create the employee in HR Partner, then create them in your payroll, you will end up with duplicated employee information.  Don't panic if this happens though - you can contact us to merge the two records together for you.
  • The sync from most payroll systems is 'one way' at the moment, i.e. we pull the data from payroll to HR Partner, but any changes in HR Partner are not pushed back to the payroll system.  This is being worked on as we speak, so please check back often for any possible changes to this functionality.
  • Some payroll systems have extra setup information that needs to be completed once the integration has been connected.  Please check the individual integration guides above for more information.