HR Partner integrates with Xero. Read on for instructions on how to connect with your current payroll system, or watch this short video tutorial below:

1. To get started, click the  "Company" tab on the left.

2. Click the "Setup" link underneath.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you find "Payroll Integrations."

4. Select your current payroll system.

5. Check the box that says "Check this box to perform your first integration import run as soon as you save this page."

6. Hit "Save."

7. You'll automatically be brought to a page where you can connect with your payroll system.

After that, you're done — your employee data will be synced over to your HR Partner account!


After completing this process, your data will carry over to HR Partner once. Anytime you need to update/re-sync new information from your payroll system over to HR Partner, you can run what is called a "Refresh." A refresh means re-syncing your data. To do this, login to your dashboard. You'll see a tiny box on the right that says "Last Refresh." Click the green circular refresh icon to re-sync with your payroll system.

Re-syncing Your Payroll Data

If you've already integrated with your payroll system but have NEW data and want to re-sync your payroll data back over to HR Partner, check out this tutorial: