Payroll Integrations

HR Partner integrates with Keypay and Xero payroll systems. In this article we outline how to connect with your current payroll system:

To get started head to  Setup > Configure > Integrations  then scroll down until you see the section entitled "Payroll Integration" shown in the screenshot below. Then select your chosen system from the dropdown list and hit "save"

Current Integrations

We currently integrate with Xero (Australia, New Zealand and UK), as well as KeyPay (Australia and UK) with more integrations being worked on constantly.

NOTE: Our payroll integrations are primarily a one way feed with the payroll provider being treated as the "source of truth". This means your employees must be created within your payroll system, and their core data will then flow through into HR Partner.

Leave types can also be created within your payroll systems and balances applied, these will then flow through into HR Partner. Employees can then request leave within HR Partner and at the point of approval the leave will be pushed back to your payroll system.

The total number of hours per day on a timesheet can also be sent back to your payroll system manually.