Integrating With Payroll

HR Partner integrates with Xero Payroll, as well as KeyPay. Read on for instructions on how to connect with your current payroll system:

1. To get started, click the  "Company" tab on the left.

2. Click the "Setup" link underneath.

3. Click the tab that says "Integrations".

4. Look for the section that says  "Payroll Integrations."

5. Select your current payroll system.

6. Hit "Save".

Setting up the connection with Xero

Once you have specified Xero as the payroll you wish to integrate with, you will need to take the following steps to connect HR Partner with Xero:

1. Click on the "Employees" menu on the left.

2. Click on "Import".

3. Click on "Integration".

4. Click on the blue "Connect To Xero" button on the right hand side.

This will take you to the Xero site where you will have to enter in your Xero login details, and choose the company that you wish to integrate with HR Partner.  (Note: You will have to use your Xero login at this point, not your HR Partner login).

Once you have completed this step, you will be brought back to HR Partner's main dashboard again, and your employees will be imported in the background.


The refresh of your employee data runs in the background, and will remain active until you disconnect the two systems.  It can take several minutes for the initial refresh to run (depending on the number of employees you have), so please be patient.

Other connection options

Once the connection to Xero has been made, there are a couple of other options that you can activate by going to the save Integration screen above.  If you revisit this screen after you have made a connection, you will see the following options:

The options are explained here:

Push any approved leave requests from HR Partner to Xero - By ticking this box, any of your employee leave requests that have been Approved by an Admin user in HR Partner will be sent back to Xero.  This will make payroll entry a lot easier for your payroll team, as the leave dates and type will be ready to incorporate into the next pay run (or future pay run depending on the leave timeframe).

Activate 2-way sync between HR Partner and Xero - This is still a work in progress, but at the moment, we treat Xero as the 'point of truth', and pull information from Xero across to HR Partner.  We are working on full 2 way integration so that any changes to employee information (e.g. name, address, contact numbers) will be pushed back to Xero.  We expect to have this functionality by 3Q 2019.

Remember to hit the "Save" button after making changes here. You can turn these options on or off at any time without impacting the connection.

Disconnecting from Xero

As mentioned before, the connection to Xero will constantly run in the background until you choose to disconnect it.  To disconnect from Xero, simply go to the same Integration screen as above, and click the red 'Disconnect From Xero' button.  This will only take one second, but after this, your employee information will no longer be synced between Xero and HR Partner (however it will remain in HR Partner).

At any time, you can re-establish the connection with Xero again, and the system will continue syncing your information between the two platforms.

Manually refreshing data from Xero

Even though the automatic refresh between the two systems runs in the background every few hours, sometimes you may want to manually refresh the information from Xero into HR Partner.  For instance, you may add a couple of new employee in Xero and need to start data entry in HR Partner immediately and cannot wait for the auto refresh to run (which can take up to 6 hours).

In these instances, you can kick off a manual refresh by going to the main dashboard in your HR Partner company and clicking the little refresh icon on the information box that show you the last refresh time:


Do not run a manual refresh more than once or twice a day.  The process is very resource intensive on our servers, and can impact performance for other customers.  If we detect that too many refreshes are being run on your company, we may disconnect your integration or remove your ability to refresh altogether without notice.