The Grievances modules gives Employers the space to document any type of formal or informal grievance or disciplinary processes within the organization. As with our other modules, the HR Partner system gives you complete flexibility to customize Grievance Types and Statuses.

When an incident occurs, you will be able to record the activity immediately, set reminders, and easily view past grievances when clicking on an employee's profile.

Start by going to the Employee Profile of the Employee in question, next find the Grievance module and the Add A New Grievance button on the right.

Add in all details, descriptions and comments that are needed about the grievance. Remember that you can always change the Grievance Status (and even comments and descriptions, too!) after the Grievance has been 'Resolved' or 'Concluded'.

Did you know?

You can also set reminders when adding new grievances, making it easier for you to follow up when necessary.