Contacts & Addresses

One of the big features of HR Partner is that your employees can have an unlimited number of Contacts and Addresses.


These are the contact methods for your employees, including phone, fax, email, pager, as well as social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.

There is technically no limit to the number of contact points that you can enter for each employee, although we recommend you don't enter more that about 4 or 5.

Primary Contacts

When entering Mobile, Email and (coming soon) Twitter accounts, you can nominate that the contact be a 'Primary Contact'.  This means that in other sections of HR Partner, you can send an automatic group message to your employee via their primary contact address.

For example, you can send a bulk SMS message to all your employees via their mobile phones that are marked as their primary mobile contact.

Please ensure that you have a single email or phone as the primary contact, although you can have more than one if you really need to.

Make Private/Public

Each contact can also be nominated as 'Private' or 'Public'.  All this means is that 'Public' contacts will show up on the Employee Directory on the Employee Portal.  If you don't wish to show your employees contact point on the directory, then mark it as 'Private'.


You also have the ability to enter an unlimited number of addresses for each employee, so you can enter in addresses for next of kin, delivery, different work sites etc. if needed.


Employees have the option to edit their contact and address details on the Employee Portal, if they have access to it. This empowers them to maintain their own contact details without taking up the time of your HR team.