Resetting 2FA For Your Employees

Setting up Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for your employees is a great way to increase security!

But what happens when your employees lose their phone and are locked out of their Employee Portal beacuse they can't access their 2FA app?

Do not worry! Unlike Admin User 2FA settings, Employee 2FA settings can be reset by any Admin User within your company who has permission to edit employees.

How to Remove Employee 2FA

In order to reset your employee's 2FA, you will have to open their employee record from your Admin Portal and hit the 'Edit Employee Details' button on the top right of the page.

When the next page opens, head to the middle tab named 'ESS Portal'. Towards the top of that page, you will see a light blue notification here with a button to remove your employee's 2FA settings:

Clicking this button will remove the requirement for your employee to log in using 2FA so they will only need their original username and password to login.

IMPORTANT: If you have mandated that all employees have to use 2FA in your Company Settings, then your employee will be prompted to set up their 2FA again from scratch the next time they log into their ESS portal.

Re-Setting Employee 2FA

If 2FA is not mandatory within your company settings but your employee chooses to use it, they can start the setup process themselves by heading to the 'My Profile' option on their ESS portal once logged in, and following the instructions at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: Please ensure that your employees delete any old HR Partner icons from their 2FA app before they set up 2FA from scratch. Having the old and new icons on their app together can be problematic