Using Overs / Unders Balances

Editing Under/Over Balances

If you have set the 'Tracking Method' to 'Manual', then after you lock a sequence, you can go to Timesheet -> Unders/Overs and select the recently closed sequence (or use the 'Sequence Action' button after you close the sequence) to check the Balances, and make adjustments accordingly.

This will show you the list of employees on the current sequence, their total working hours, their scheduled working hours, and any hours under or over accordingly.  It will also show their current Balance figure in the associated leave policy, and allow you to edit the figures to suit your needs.

NOTE: You will need to click the yellow 'Allow Editing' button to be able to make changes here as a safety precaution.

When you click 'Save', the new Balances will be immediately reflected in the employee leave balances, so they can apply for time off against that policy if needed.

On The Employee Portal

There will be some slight differences on the ESS Portal in order to show the extra information to your employees.

On their ESS dashboard, on the widget that shows them their current or overdue timesheets, they will also see a summary of the hours they have worked this timesheet period, against the hours that they should have worked, and their current unders/overs figure as well as their previous Balance figure from their associated leave policy.

This information is also shown under the Timesheet menu on the left hand side of the ESS Portal.

This way, your employees can stay on track as to how much they are ahead or behind on their expected working hours as they fill in their timesheets.