Track and Submit TOIL/Flexi/Comp Time Requests

HR Partner provides you a powerful solution to track and submit TOIL/Flexi/Comp Time.

Whether you require time off for personal flexibility or need to account for additional hours worked, this article will serve as your comprehensive guide. It will walk you through the step-by-step process of submitting, tracking, and even deleting requests within the HR Partner portal and also gain a deep understanding of how to effectively manage your time off and maximise your productivity.

Adding A Request

The process for submitting TOIL/Flexi Time requests differs slightly from your other Leave Request forms. To access this feature, simply navigate to the Time Off & Leave menu and look for the new option specifically designed for adding TOIL/Flexi forms. Once you click on it, you'll gain access to your request history, status updates (such as approved or unapproved), and the option to delete any recently submitted requests.

NOTE: Depending on your company's terminology, your account may display a different term, such as 'Overtime,' instead of TOIL/Flexi Time. Rest assured, the process remains the same regardless of the word you see.

When submitting a request to add time, you'll notice a distinct visual difference on the request screen. We've highlighted the form page with a yellow tint, providing an instant visual reference. Additionally, we only require the date you worked the extra time and the number of days/hours you're requesting to be added back to your balance.

The approval structure for TOIL/Flexi Time requests follows the same workflow as your regular Leave request forms. If you have any questions during the process, you'll always know the recipient of the form, ensuring clear communication and prompt responses.

Deleting a Request:

You will notice when viewing your TOIL Requests that you will see a delete button next to forms that have only been marked as "Submitted". As long as the Request has not been Actioned (meaning that the Admin User has not already Approved or Rejected the request), you can scroll down to your Time Off & Leave, TOIL history page and click on the red Delete Request button to delete the request entirely and start fresh.

If there is not a Delete Request button available, this means that the Request has already been Approved, Rejected or Actioned in some way by the Admin User and you are not able to delete it or make any further changes. Please contact your Supervisor or Admin User to delete the request on your behalf and they will be able to make changes for you.

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