Monitoring Timeclock Activity

As an admin user, you can see what your employee timeclock status is at any time. in various places which are each outline below.

Employee Records

If you go to the employee view screen, you will see this information on the left hand column further down the screen:

Timesheet Sequence

Alternatively you can open a timesheet sequence, and see the timeclock status for all employees using this Timesheet Template:

The green icons specify employees that are currently marked as being clocked IN (and how long ago they clocked in), and the grey icons show employees who are clocked OUT (and when they clocked out).

Timeclock Log

For an overview of all Timeclock activity within a given period you can head to Setup > Tools > Timeclock Log:

Employee List

Alternatively, for a quick point of reference you could add Timeclock Status to your view under Employees > All Employees as below:

To do this head to Setup > Configure > Layouts > Employee List and drag "Timeclock Status" from the column on the right to the column on the left: