Using the Audit Trail

Struggling to see why those leave balances might not be what you expected? Don't worry, the leave Audit Trail should help you get to the bottom of it!

By heading to Time Off & Leave > Configure > Audit you'll be able to see when any changes were made to any of your employees' leave balances, for all policies that apply to them:

The Audit Trail will show you the date a change was made, the policy, employee and whether the change came from a payroll sync, was a manual change by an Admin User or an Automatic change resulting from either the way you have set up auto accruals or from a particular leave instance beginning (planned leave is only deducted from the balance on the first day of that leave). The Audit will also show you both the old balance and the new balance so that you can see the difference. This could be particularly useful if you have forgotten to turn on "carry over" within your policy configuration, and need to reflect back to see what leave everybody had remaining at the end of your leave year so that you can make any necessary adjustments.

You can also Filter the Audit trail. This makes it easier to investigate changes made against one particular employee, or perhaps one particular policy, as well as changes made within a specific date range. You can also filter on which Admin User made the changes: