Customizing Employee Lists

We provide you a list of your employees via the Employee List on the Admin portal, and via the Employee Directory on the ESS portal.  

While the information on these views show you important information about your employees, there are times when you may want to show some other data, or perhaps hide personal information (such as Birth Date or Gender) from these lists.

You can now customize these employee lists by going to Setup -> Configure -> Layouts on your left hand menu.

This will show you the app views that you can customize to suit your needs:

At the moment, we only have the two employee views that can be configured, but we will be adding more configurable views in this section over time, allowing you to get the most out of HR Partner.

Click on the ' Edit' button on the right to make changes to either of these layouts.

NOTE: You can click the yellow 'Reset' button on the far right to reset the layout back to the system default again should you wish to start from scratch, or revert back to our default view layout.

You will then be presented with a screen showing you the columns that are currently within the view on the left hand box, and a list of possible fields that you can display on the right hand box.

Changing the columns on the list view is as easy as dragging and dropping a column from the right hand box over to the left.  You can also remove columns from the view by dragging them out of the left hand box and onto the right hand one, and you can also arrange the column order by dragging the fields up or down on the left hand box (top most fields appear on the left, and as you do down the list, these columns appear towards the right).

The fields available to you are the core employee details, such as name, profile picture, start/end/birth dates and their department/location/position etc., but you can also pick from any custom fields that you may have set up and use those within the employee list as well!

You will notice some icons on each field that you can choose.  These denote how the field will be shown.  There is an icon to flag whether the column will be shown on a smaller (smartphone) display size, and whether the column will be in Bold or Italic to make them stand out.

For example, this Employee Code column will be shown on smartphone sized screens, and will be Bolded for emphasis:

And this Position column will just be Italic, and will NOT be shown on smaller screen sizes:

So feel free to make changes to your employee lists on both the Admin and Employee portals, and see how they look, and whether they give your team enough information at a glance.  Remember, you can always reset the view back to the default by clicking the 'Reset' button on the main layout list.

Here is an example of a custom employee list that has been modified to hide the employee code, birth date and gender, and added the Department and Location as well as a custom field that shows the employee's normal start time:

Feel free to experiment with a layout that better suits your company.

Extra Information

Some layouts allow you to add extra information above or below the view.  For example, on the employee list or directory, you can show the timezones for each of your company locations.  You can turn this on or off by checking or unchecking the box that says 'Show location timezones on view'.