Deleting a Leave Policy

If a Leave policy becomes obsolete, you do have the option to delete it. In order to do this an Admin User must head to Time Off & Leave > Configure > Policies which will take them to a list of policies. Each policy in the list will have an edit and delete symbol on the far right side:


If you are unable to delete a policy it is most likely because it has leave requests against it (possibly historic) or because the leave policy has been pulled through from your payroll integration

Policies you are Unable to Delete

You may be unable to delete certain policies within the system and this could be because the policy either (a) has leave against is or (b) originated in your payroll system. 

If your policy has leave requested against it, but is no longer in use, you do have the option to hide it from view. To do this, an Admin User must head to Time Off & Leave > Configure > Policies and select the edit symbol to the right side of the relevant policy. Once in the edit screen scroll down to the "Advanced Settings" header and toggle them on by selecting the little arrow to the right of the header. Scrolling down to the section entitled "Visibility"  you have various options in terms of where this policy can or cannot be viewed. While a policy is hidden from view, it will not be possible to submit new requests against it.

If your policy originated in your payroll system, you will need to make any changes to / deletions from within your payroll system. If you do not do this, your payroll system will override changes you've made within HR Partner upon the next refresh, and will continue to do so at each refresh moving forward.