Deleting a Leave Request

Sometimes a situation may arise that means a leave request needs to be deleted. 

"Submitted" Leave

Before a leave request has been approved within HR Partner, it can be deleted by an Employee in their ESS. To do this the Employee should head to Time Off & Leave > Requests which will take them to a full list of their requests, as shown in the screenshot below. Anything sitting in the "Submitted" stage can be deleted by hitting the red "Delete Request" button, seen on the far right:

"Approved" Leave

If a leave request has been approved, it may only be deleted by a Admin User. In order to do this, an Admin User must head to the employee record and (1) select the "Absence/Leave" module from the list on the left side of the page. 

Upon clicking this, that employees leave entries will be displayed and each entry that corresponds to an approved leave request will have the little blue 'link' icon (2) displayed on the left of it.  You can click the 'Edit' button(3) to examine the entry in more detail.

Any entry that is linked to an employee leave request will have a blue section at the top of the edit pop up window, and clicking on (1) the 'leave request' phrase will take you to the approved request screen so you can double check.

Once you have verified that this is the correct entry, you can go back to the list of entries above, then click the 'Delete' icon to remove the entry from the employee's Absence/Leave area.  This will also:

  • Mark the original leave request as 'Revoked' on the employee portal, and
  • Remove the leave entry from any HR Partner calendars, and optionally
  • If the entry was in the past, the employee's leave balance should be adjusted back.  If in the future still, then the leave duration will be removed from the 'Planned' column on the employee's leave table.


You cannot delete a leave request by heading to Time Off & Leave in your Admin menu; this can only be done by heading to an employee record and following the steps outlined above.