Understanding the Applicant Layout

Based on feedback from our valued customers, HR Partner's Development team made a few key changes to the layout of the Applicant's Profile in the Recruitment area of the system.

To find the Applicant's profile, go to Recruitment > Jobs and click on the Job Listing to which the Applicant is tied. Then find an Applicant and click on View.

This will open up an Applicant's Profile. An Applicant has a 'profile' for every Job Listing that they applied for and HR Partner does not require a new candidate to create a username and password to be able to apply for a Job Listing. (Please understand that this means that the Applicant will not be able to later access their own application to make changes or upload additional documents.)

In the newly modified layout of the Applicant Profile, the top section gives you a quick snapshot of the Applicant, including Applicant Actions and the Stage that the Applicant is in. The right-hand side of your screen will now show you the movement of an Applicant through the hiring Pipeline.

The biggest changes happened below, we have added Tabs to highlight each important area of their profile. 

Gone are the 'boxes' that were scattered across the screen! Now you can easily move between the most important areas of an Applicant's profile by clicking on one of the tabs.

And don't forget that you can also use the 'Search' bar at the top of your screen to search for an Applicant's profile! When you begin typing in a name, you will be shown options for both Employees and Applicants.

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