Adding Emergency Contact Information

We are so excited to announce our dedicated Emergency Contact section within your Employee's profile. Emergency Contact (or Next of Kin) is used to store critical contact information for your team members in the event that you need to communicate with or contact your Employee's Emergency Contact person.

Now, your Employees can enter in their own Emergency Contact information via their own Employee Portal, or an Admin User can update this information for your Employees in their Employee Profiles.

To add new Emergency Contact information for your Employees, go to their Employee Profile page and click on the button called Add New Emergency Contact inside the section.

We've expanded the normal and emergency contact details to carry extra information on the contact point, such as the next of kin's name, or perhaps the best hours to contact the employee via that contact point.

Enter in any relevant information and the click Save.

And that's it! We hope that you are happy with this very simple way to create additional contact fields within the HR Partner system.