Setting up a Custom Domain (CNAME)

By default, when you set up an HR Partner company, you choose a unique subdomain that is your special URL link to login to HR Partner and work.  For example, if you chose ' acme' as your subdomain, and no one else already had that registered, then your unique HR Partner URL is

While this is perfectly adequate for 99% of our customer, there may be instances where you would like to have your own custom domain for all your HR related tasks, for example:, where the '' subdomain is not visible, but instead your own domain is shown in the URL bar.

This is now possible, using our new custom CNAME functionality.

There are 3 critical steps to setting up your new custom domain.

You need to have a valid domain name ready and available, and properly registered with a legitimate domain authority.  It must not be a private domain name, but must be a publicly available one with a recognized TLD (top level domain).
You must set up a CNAME record in your DNS (Domain Name Service) server that looks after your domain records.
You must specify the custom domain name in HR Partner to link everything together.

Setting up your DNS

The process of registering and setting up your custom domain name is outside the scope of this help article, as there are hundreds of different providers and hosting companies that can offer this service, and each one does it differently.  Here are some of the more common service providers, along with their instructions on setting up a CNAME record:

The basic concept here is that you will have to 'point' your custom domain that you have created, to our servers using a CNAME record.  The basic setup is:

<your domain name>  CNAME

So, if your custom domain is, then your CNAME record will look like:  CNAME

The server is our server that is responsible for controlling the flow of information from our app through your custom domain safely and securely.

Setting up HR Partner

Once you have set up your CNAME record as above, then all you need to do is to log into HR Partner, then go to Setup -> Company Info on the left hand menu, and fill in your custom domain name in the field below:

When you click ' Save', then our servers will do all the necessary setup to route our application through your custom domain name.

Important: Please do not put the http:// or https:// prefix in your domain name on this screen.  Just the full subdomain and top level domain name is all that is required.

Also, please try not to change your custom domain once you have set it up.  Too many changes in a short space of time can result in our service provider banning your account on our servers as suspected illegal or phishing activity.  Always contact our team if you need any assistance with this.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Changing your domain will affect many things.  Your link to your public job portal will change, as will the login address for your employees to get to their portal, and to get to any documents on your e-signing portal.  Old emails that have been sent to employees and other parties will contain out of date links which will not work any more.  Please consider all of this before you go ahead and change your custom domain in HR Partner.

Also, any custom domain changes take immediate effect in our system, and if your CNAME redirection is not working properly, then this will cause loss of access to your HR Partner system for ALL admins and employees until the situation is rectified.  Because CNAME redirection relies on 3rd party agencies, some of the problem resolution is outside the scope of our internal support team, and there may be long delays in re-establishing connection to your HR Partner company until we can contact your domain provider.  Make any custom domain changes with abundant caution!