Documenting Company Assets

One of the most popular modules in each Employee's Profile is our Employee Assets module.

As with the other Modules in the Employee's Profile area, the Assets module allows for you to check-in, check-out and track any entry (or in this case, any item) that you allocate to an Employee.

Start by clicking on Add A New Asset and completing any and all relevant fields. Each Asset should have its own individual entry in this module, so if you have issued a laptop computer and an external monitor to one Employee, there should be two different entries. Don't forget that you can change your Asset Type fields to anything that you want by going to Setup > Configure > Lists.

After you have all of the Asset information entered, click Save and the new entry will appear automatically. If you ever need to make edits or to delete or transfer a single Asset, you can do that by clicking on one of the three buttons towards the right side. Each button has a different purpose, the green button Edits, the blue button will make a Transfer and the red button will Delete an Asset entirely (proceed with caution!).

Transferring an Asset between Employees

You can also choose to transfer an individual asset from one Employee to another. This is so helpful when an Employee leaves the organization or is promoted into a different role and requires different hardware or assets to successfully complete his or her new role!

Transferring an Asset from one Employee to another is incredibly easy to do, and all of the information that was previously entered for that Asset entry will transfer over to any other Employee that your select.

First, find the Asset that you want to transfer and click on the blue Transfer button on the right side.

A separate window will open with all of the Asset information inside. All of the information is grayed out, so you won't be able to edit anything in the window (don't forget, you have the Edit button to make quick edits!) but all of the information will be safely transferred over to the Employee of your choice on the date of your choice in this window. Once you Save this transfer, all of the information will be marked as a new Asset entry for the Employee that you assigned the asset to and the previous 'owner' of the Asset will have a copy of the Asset for your records.

Saving any transfer will make a copy of this asset against the employee you are transferring to, with the 'Date Checked Out' field being the Transfer Date listed when you transfer. The 'Return Date' on the asset will be marked as the same as the Transfer Date.