Custom HR Partner Themes

We allow admin users and employees to choose their own preferred theme from a list of 8 predefined ones in our system.

Admin Users

Admin users can click on their name in the top left corner of their screen, and then choose 'Profile' from the drop down menu that appears:

This will take them to their profile page where, about half way down, they can change the 'Look and Feel' of their app, but choosing a theme from the list:


Employees can click on the 'My Profile' tab on the left hand side of their Employee Portal:

Towards the bottom of that screen, there is a drop down menu from which they can choose their 'Look and Feel' for their portal:

The Themes

Default (Original)

This was the original default theme for the very first version of HR Partner (which didn't have customizable themes when it was released).

Sky Blue (New Default)

This is the new default theme for all users of HR Partner when they sign up these days.

Light Sail

Purple Flame

Jungle Fever

Prince Note

Wine & Cheese

Fuchsia Winter

Jimi's Studio