Understanding Leave Balances

We all like to have a holiday booked and something to look forward to! Here at HR Partner we have created a module that allows you to easily book time off and ensure your request goes to the correct person for approval. We wanted to outline some of the different numbers you might see when you are requesting time off to ensure you understand what they all mean.

Each company that uses HR Partner might have a slightly different view of Leave Balances, but generally, the numbers you see will include a selection of the following: Allowance, Balance, Taken, Planned, and Available. See below:


Your Allowance number shows your leave entitlement for an entire 12 month period and is usually the number stipulated in your employment contract.


Your Balance represents the current amount you have at this point in time. If you carry leave over from the previous year, this number will increase. As you use your leave, your Balance will decrease. If you joined your company part way through the year, this is the number that will be pro-rated.


If your company refreshes your leave balance on a certain date each year, this number will show you what you have taken since that last refresh date (often 1st January for example). If you continually accrue leave and have no refresh date, this number will show you all leave taken since your work anniversary. 


This is all of the future leave that you have requested in this holiday year, which has been approved. 


This number deducts your "Planned" leave from your "Balance" to show you what you have remaining to take.

We hope this clears a few things up for you - if you have other numbers visible in your Leave Balance Table, please speak with your system administrator for extra guidance!