Using the Pinboard in Your Portal

Did you know that you also have the ability to write notes and updates to your fellow co-workers using the Pinboard? The Pinboard can be found by navigating to the bottom left hand side of the screen and clicking on the option for Pinboard.

The Pinboard is a collection of electronic sticky notes, or Pins, that are shared with your team. They are another way to communicate about new social events, reminders and the like.

Adding a New Pin

To add a new Pin to the Pinboard, scroll over to the blue button on the right side of the screen and click on Add A New Pin. A separate window will appear and here you can enter in the Title and Body of the Pin, then click Save.

Once you've added a new Pin to the Pinboard, you will be able to delete that Pin by clicking on the 'trash' icon in the bottom right corner of the Pin itself. You are not able to delete Pins that were added by other Employees.

Reporting a Pin

You also have the ability to Report A Pin to the admin managers of your company. Reporting a pin means that the admin team is notified that a particular pin is inappropriate, offensive or not allowed. To Report a Pin you can click on the asterisk icon in the corner of the Pin itself. This will open a new pop-up window where you can confirm that you wish to Report the pin.

Please remember that you should only report pins that are offensive or inappropriate or do not comply with company standards.

Note: If you don't see a Pinboard option in your own ESS Portal, it is very likely that your admin managers have turned off the access to this part of the system.