News Articles

News Articles in your ESS Portal are shared by your admin managers and often contain important and helpful information for you and your team. It's an easy way for the admin managers to stay in contact with you and to update your organization on changes and updates.

From your ESS Portal Dashboard, you can click on the News section on the bottom left hand menu. This will open up the main News Dashboard and will show all active articles and polls for you to read through, comment on and even cast a vote.

From here, you can read through the snapshots of the articles and click into any one to gather more information.

You might even have the option to vote on a question or a news article, or to add any comments at the bottom.

Highlighted News Articles

You can also see any pinned (highlighted) News Articles directly on your Portal Dashboard homepage!

Scroll down to the bottom of your Dashboard and you can see the Highlighted News & Polls widget on the right side. You can click into any highlighted entry to click directly into the article itself.

Your admin managers will use the News Articles and Polling features to engage with you and your team and to keep you up-to-date on the latest information from the company, so be sure to check in often for any News updates.