Editing or Updating your Goals and Objectives

When you log into your Employee Self Service (ESS) portal, any goals or objectives that have been set for you by your admin managers will be shown on your dashboard.

As well as these pre-assigned goals, you can add your own goals if you like (and if you have permission).  

To make changes to any of these goals, you can simply click the blue title link to open a pop up window allowing you to modify the goal or objective value.  The type of popup window will vary depending on the type of goal or objective.

When updating a goal, you can specify a short note relating to the update being made - this can simply be a one line description of what you did in order to progress the goal along to its completion.

In some cases, you may be able to change the Due Date of the goal, or even the eventual Target figure for the goal.  This will depend on the permissions for the goal that the admin users have set for it.

Towards the bottom of the pop up, is a History button that you can click to see all the changes made to this goal over time (the History will include changes done by other parties who may have access to editing goals).

Undoing Goal Edits & Making Changes To A Goal

Please note that changes to Goals or Objectives cannot be deleted once made, although you can make another edit to reverse the last change you did.  For example, if you accidentally move a progress marker from 50% to 90% on a particular goal when it should have been moved to 75%, then you can make another change to move the progress marker back from 90% to 75% again.  All the relevant changes will be logged in the history for auditing purposes.