Setting Up Your Profile

When you are first invited to use your Employee Portal, you may notice that you have an area called My Profile that is located on the left side of the screen.

The My Profile area of your Employee Portal is where you can add and edit Contact Information for yourself, you can change the colors of your Portal and you can add in Bio information so that your fellow team members can learn more about you!

Editing Your Contact & Address Information

When you first visit you My Profile area of your Portal, you may already have some Contact Information and Address Information listed here. This is because your company has added in basic Contact and Address information on your behalf.

You can always add additional information, by clicking on either Add New Contact or Add New Address and adding in additional contact types.

When you decide to add in a new piece of Contact Information, you will notice that there are many options for Contact Type, so feel free to add in as much information as possible for you and your team members to use and collaborate!

There are also sections where you can add the Details of that Contact (e.g. the phone number itself) or any other Extra Information for the Contact Type entry.

You can also make this piece of information Primary, Public, or an Emergency Contact piece of information by selecting any of the boxes available.

When adding and editing Address Information, you will have options to add different types of Address Types as well, so you can add in your best Postal Address or Delivery Address, should those differ.

Note: Notice something wrong about your current Contact or Address Information that is listed? You can edit that information that is already entered. This is a great way to make sure that your company has your best Email Address, Phone Number or any other piece of info in its most updated form!

Editing Your Photo & Biography

If you scroll down just a little bit further, you can add in your own Profile Photo or headshot to customize your Employee Portal even more!

You also have the option of adding in Biography or Life Story information for your team members to see and learn more about you! This is a great way to engage with your fellow team members and get to know each other outside of the office. In this area, you can add in text, photos, links or even a video introducing yourself!

Please note that anything that is shared in the Biography section will be public and available to your organization.

Note: Don't see the Biography/Life Story section in your Employee Portal? It's possible that your company has this section turned off for us. Contact your company's Admin User to ask about this.

Editing Other Options

At the very bottom of your My Profile tab, you will have the option to edit the Look & Feel of your Employee Portal. This means that you can change the color scheme based on your own preferences! You also have the option of showing or hiding the 'Shortcuts' menu bar on your Home Dashboard.