Manually Locking and Unlocking Timesheets

With HR Partner timesheets, a sequence is basically a 'bucket' of dates based on your pay period where your employees can enter their times against.  When you set up a Timesheet template, you will normally set your pay periods (i.e. weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly etc.) and the Last Pay Period date.  From this information, our system will generate a new sequence every pay period that your employees can enter time against.

You can actually have more than one sequence open at a time, if your team is entering times across multiple pay periods for instance.

Employees can only enter times into Unlocked pay periods.  Once a pay period is past, and you need to transfer the information into your payroll system for processing, you will generally Lock the sequence to prevent any more updates or changes to it which can throw your reconciliations off.

Automatic Generation and Locking

HR Partner support automatic generation of new sequences just before your next pay period starts, and also locking old pay periods once the last day of the pay period is past due.  See our main Timesheet Setup article about how to set this up.  However, sometimes this automatic locking of a period may happen even if your employees have not completed entering all their times in.  See the next section for how to handle this.

Manually Unlocking & Re-Locking Sequences

In the case that you need to manually unlock an already locked sequence, you can do this quite easily by going to the Timesheet -> Sequences area in HR Partner.  This will show you all the current unlocked sequences on the main page.  If you want to see the locked (closed) sequences, you will need to click the 'History' button next to the timesheet name.

To change the status of a sequence, click the 'View' button next to the sequence you wish to lock or unlock.

Then on the next screen where you can see all the employee times entered, you can click on the 'Sequence Action' button on the bottom right, and then choose 'Unlock Sequence'.

This will then ask you to confirm, and then mark the sequence as 'Unlocked' again so that you can make edits to it, and allow employees to access the timesheet on their portal to make edits again.

To re-lock the sequence again, simply follow the exact same steps, and this time the menu option will say 'Lock Sequence' to allow you to re-lock it and prevent further changes.