Running a Contact Report

Have you ever needed to pull contact information for your Employees? Now you can run a new Contacts Report within the Reports menu to let you generate many different kinds of Contact Reports.

Start by going to Reports > Printed and then click on the green Add A New Report button towards the right. The Contact report is what you want!

This printed report menu will open up and from here you can select which Contact Type you want to see included.

Perhaps you want to generate a report of every Emergency Contact with a Phone Number in the organization. You'd start with the printed reports, and select Phone under Contact Type and select Yes under Emergency Contact. Then click Print to see this Report as a web-based Report (it will open in a separate window!).

Now you can generate a full contact list, or perhaps just the phone numbers of employees within a certain department, or perhaps just an emergency contact list for employees that work in a particular location?

Don't forget: you can export any Report into a CSV file so you can import it into Excel and manipulate the data in any way that you choose!