Filling In A Custom Form

There are two ways for you to fill in a Custom Form for your company.

You can be assigned a form to fill in by an admin user in your company - either directly, or via a Checklist
You can pick a form from the list of available company forms and choose to fill it in and send it in yourself.

All of the above steps can be done via your employee portal.

Completing a Form that has been sent directly to you

An admin user in your company can assign a form directly to you to complete at any time.  If they do so, you will receive an email from your company admin that looks something like this:

The email may or may not contain a personalized message to you, but the important thing is the button at the bottom of the email which says ' Take my to my form'.  Clicking this will take you directly to the form to be filled out.  You don't even need to login to your portal this way, but instead can immediately fill in the form using this special link and submitting it.

Note: You can still login to your Employee Portal and find the assigned form in there (under the "Forms" menu on the left) and fill it in that way, so don't worry if you lose the email or if it gets sent to your spam folder.

Completing a Form that is part of a Checklist

If you get sent a form to fill in as part of a checklist, then it is a simple matter of clicking the ' Fill Form' button on that particular checklist line to jump straight to the form filler and complete the form:

Instigating a new Form yourself

You don't have to wait for an admin to send you a form in any of the above method.  You can actually pick a company form and fill it in yourself at any time.  This is especially useful if it is a requisition form for a company asset or some training, or even a complaint or accident report.  In these cases, you as the employee, do not have to wait for someone else to start the process, but can do so yourself.

To create and submit a form, you can go to the ' Forms' menu on your employee portal.  This will show you a list of company specific form templates that you can choose from at the top of the screen, and it will also show you any forms that you have already submitted and sent through at the bottom of the screen.

Under the ' Available Forms' section at the top, you can see the list of forms available for you to fill, grouped into Categories.  You can click on any of the category boxes to expand that category and view the forms within them.  Once you have found the form that you need, you can either click the 'Preview' button to take a look at what the form looks like (so you don't accidentally send the wrong form), or else if you are confident that you have found the right form, you can click the 'Create' button to start creating the form immediately.

Lower down on the screen is the ' My Forms' area, which shows you all the forms that have been either assigned to you, or else that you have created yourself and submitted earlier.  This is a useful track of the history of forms you have filled in in the past.

Anonymous Forms

As you can see in the screenshot above, some forms may be marked as ' Anonymous'.  This means that when you submit this form, none of the admins in your company will know who actually filled in and submitted this form.  These sorts of forms are used for things like surveys, or sometimes perhaps to collect important information such as bullying or harassment within the company, without the employee fearing any repercussions for doing the reporting.

Filling in the form

Whenever you start the process of filling in a form via any of the above processes, the system will open a brand new browser tab with the form all ready to fill in:

All other visual clutter is removed so you can concentrate on filling in the form as quickly and accurately as possible.  Any mandatory fields that you have to fill in are marked with a red '*', so all you need to do is to fill in the form as required and then click the ' Submit Form' button at the bottom to send it in.

If for some reason you change your mind and decide that you don't want to send in this form, then you can elect to delete this form by clicking on the ' Other Actions' button, then selecting 'Delete Form', which will remove the form from our system completely.

Warning: It is fine to delete forms that you have instigated yourself, but please be wary of deleting forms that have been sent to you as part of a checklist, or that an admin as assigned directly to you!

After you complete and submit your form, you should see the following message (Note: This message may actually be slightly different in your company, as your company admin can tailor this message to suit):

And if you close this browser tab and go back to your employee portal, under 'My Forms', you will see that the form is now marked 'Completed' and the admin responsible for the form will have been alerted that a form has been sent to them.  You can elect to view the information you submitted by clicking on the 'View' button next to the submitted form, which will show you a read only version of the form filler where you can look at the data you sent.

Note: If the form you submitted was marked 'Anonymous', then you will not see it on your 'My Forms' list - this is because we don't track the sender information on anonymous forms at all, so we have no way of linking that submitted form back to you in the system!