Submitting Expense Claims

HR Partner allows you to enter an expense claim that can be sent to your supervisors or administrators for approval.

Entering A Expense Claim

To enter a new claim, go to the 'Expenses' menu on the left hand side of your employee portal when you are logged in.

This will show you a list of all expense claims that you have made in the past.  On this screen, you can edit any claims that you have made in the past which have not yet been approved.  Once approved though, you cannot make any changes to the claim - however you can still view them.

You can enter a new claim by clicking the 'Add Expense Claim' button on the top right.

Here is a description of the fields on this form:

Send Claim To This is who you will be sending the claim to.  You can choose one or more admin users in your company who will receive this claim to approve.
Expense Date This is the date at which the expense was incurred.  It doesn't have to necessarily be today's date.  You can enter back dated expenses at any time.
Description This is a short description of the claim which needs to be able to give the person approving it a quick understanding of what this claim is about.
Comments If you need to explain this claim in longer format, then please use this area to do so (not required).
Category/Details/Amount This is where you will split your claim across multiple cost categories.  There may already be some default categories here, otherwise you can add or change lines as required. You can remove lines by clicking the little red 'trash' icon to the right of the line.  You can add lines by clicking the 'Add A New Line' button below the existing lines.
Reimbursement Required Tick this box if you require a reimbursement for this particular claim.  (Defaults to ON).
Upload Receipts If you have scanned copies of images or photos of them, you can upload them here as further proof of your claim.
TIP: If you are entering the claim using your phone, you can tap in the grey box and take a photo with your device immediately to upload it here.

Once you have finished entering your claim, you can click on 'Submit Claim' to send it in.  The Admin(s) that you nominated to send to will get an email notification letting them know there is a new claim to be looked at.  As soo as they approve (or reject) it, you will get an email back yourself.