Completing a Checklist

What is a checklist?

From time to time, your company administrators in HR Partner may send you a sequence of tasks for you to check off and mark as completed.  These can be for things like:

  • Onboarding - getting started in a new company
  • Completing a training programme
  • Safety and operational audits

among many others.  These checklists can be very important for things like quality assurance, and corporate governance that may require employees to undertake certain tasks to comply with legal requirements.

Checklists that are sent to you may comprise of a number of 'task items', which can be any of the following:

  • A simple checkbox which you can click to mark that you have either done or completed the task item
  • A link to an external site (e.g. an induction processing site) that you will need to click on and visit before marking the task item complete
  • A link to an internal company document (e.g. a procedure manual or company handbook) that you will need to click on and view before marking the task item as completed
  • A requirement to upload a file (e.g. a filled in tax declaration or expense request) against the checklist item before you can complete it.  (Note: Some file uploads may be mandatory, whereas others may be optional, i.e. where you may have sent the file via email already).

A checklist that has been sent to you may consist of anything from one, to a dozen or more items of the above type that you will have to complete

How do I know when I have a checklist to complete?

As soon as your company admin sends you a checklist, you should get a checklist reminder similar to the following (Note: mobile phone email shot is show here):

The email will show you any custom message that the admin has included with the checklist, as well as a summary of the items that you will need to check off.  Please note that you cannot manipulate the checklist from the email itself.  You will need to log in to your Employee Portal in HR Partner in order to mark items as completed.

Completing your checklist

In order to check off (or uncheck) any items on your checklist, you will need to log in to your Employee Portal in HR Partner.  You should have received your login instructions from your company admins already, so if you do not have them, please contact your company admin to get your login details.

Once you have logged in to the Employee Portal, you will see a notice detailing any outstanding checklists you have at the very top of the left hand column.

You can see in the example above, that the employee Penny Ray has a 'New Employee' checklist that needs completing.  All she needs to do is to click the 'Update' button next to the checklist to begin completing it.

NOTE: You may actually have more than one checklist to complete at the one time - it all depends on how many checklists your admin users have sent you.  All outstanding/incomplete checklists will be shown on this screen.

Once in the Update screen, the process of completing the checklist is very simple.  You just need to place a tick in the far left of each item once you have done the task described.

As you can see above, then first item is just a simple task, that required Penny to simply tick the box that it has been done.  The other items here are links to external documents or web links, and to get to those, Penny simply has to click the button on the far right of the task item to either open those documents, or visit the web link.  Once she has done so, she can click the item as being 'Complete' by placing a check in the left hand side checkbox.

The second item above 'Fill out & upload superannuation form' is a check item that requires a file upload as well.  You will notice that in this case, then checkbox on the left of this item is grayed out, and in fact Penny cannot check this item off until she uploads at least one file by dragging and dropping the file into the large grey box that says 'Drop file, or click here, to upload'.  This is because this particular task item has a mandatory file upload, so cannot be completed until one or more files is uploaded.  Then the checkbox will become active and can be clicked.

There is no need to Save your checklists.  As soon as you place a check in the checkbox, it is automatically saved.

To uncheck an item that you might have accidentally checked by mistake, simply click in the checkbox again to remove the check mark and designate the item as being incomplete.  There is no limit to the number of times you can check or uncheck an item.

Monitoring your checklists

At any time, you can log in to your Employee Portal and click on the 'Checklists' menu option on the left hand side to see a list of all the checklists that may be active for you at the current time.

This is a useful screen to see if you have any checklists that are awaiting completion.  Once you have checked off all the items, the checklist should generally say 'Complete' under the Status column

NOTE: Please bear in mind that sometimes, there are extra task items on the checklist that are designated for the admin user to check off as well, in which case, the checklist won't be marked as 'Complete' until the admin user has also gone through and checked those items off.  In the example above, we can see that Penny only had 4 checklist items, and she checked off 3 of them, however this screen is saying she has completed 3 of 9 items.  This means there are another 5 checklist items that are admin specific (i.e. setting up a work PC, submitting employment forms to the relevant authorities etc.) that haven't been done yet by the admin user.

Checklist reminders

Please note that you may receive daily reminders from our system if you have incomplete checklists that are outstanding.  We don't mean to nag, but given the importance of some of these checklists, we think it is important that we bring them to your attention until you complete them.

There will be cases where you have completed all the items that are shown to you, but still get reminder emails saying the checklist is not complete.  This will be because there are some 'hidden' admin specific checklist items that your admin user has not completed yet.  We recommend in these instances that you speak to your admin users to see if they can complete their outstanding items and mark the checklist as completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I cannot click the checkbox next to a checklist item as it is greyed out?

This is possibly because the checklist item needs a file to be uploaded against it, and your admin user has marked it as a 'mandatory upload'.  In this case, you will need to upload at least one file against the checklist item before you can check it off.

Q. I have checked off ALL the items on my checklist, but when I look at my list of all checklists, it still says 'Incomplete'?

This is because your checklist may have some 'hidden' checklist items that only your admin user can check off, or else, some of the checklist items you ticked off may need to be verified by an admin user as well.  This is common for uploaded files where an admin user will have to check the file to ensure it is relevant and complete before they can allow the checklist item to formally be marked as completed.

If you checklist still says 'Incomplete' after a few days of you completing it, we strongly suggest you speak to your HR Partner admin user to ask them to examine the checklist from their end in order to complete it.

Q. I keep getting reminder emails in my Inbox every day to complete a checklist!

This can happen if you still have an incomplete checklist in the system.  To fix this, you simply need to log in to your Employee Portal and mark ALL items on the checklist as completed.

In SOME instances, you may have already done this, but still keep getting the reminder emails.  This is because the admin user in your company has some hidden checklist items that only they can complete, or else they still have not verified one or more checklist items that they need to double check.  We suggest in these cases that you contact your HR Partner admin user to encourage them to finish off their checklist items too.

Q. How do I let my admin manager know when I have completed a checklist

You don't have to worry about this at all.  The system is totally automated, so as soon as you check off the last item in a checklist, your admin user will automatically be alerted that you have completed everything that you need to do, and they will be asked to complete any additional tasks that they need to, or to double check any tasks that you have marked complete.

Q. I accidentally checked an item as 'completed' when in fact I haven't completed it.  How do I uncheck it?

This is simple.  Just click within the checkbox next to the item again.  This will remove the check mark in the box and flag the item as incomplete again.